Booking Service Category - The Results of OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2022

The result of OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2022 has finally come out. Pandemic deals heavy blow to our food and beverages industry and causes restaurants harder to survive. Thanks for all your continuous support which motivates the restaurants to go further. Your vote helps lighting up the CITY OF FOOD.

We are delighted to announce that 30 out of 3000 restaurants were nominated, and 10 of them are awarded after the voting period. All of them are so outstanding and worth to try. Therefore, you can gain extra Rice$100, if you book and attend the awardees and the nominated restaurants during the promotion period for 3 times, with the promote code “BOOK100”.

Here comes the result of the BEST 10 Booking Service Restaurants:

Outdark  (Mong Kok) 

The Astor  

The Hangout by Under Vacuum(Poplar Street) 

Yum Cha  

La Scala  

OS Oyster Station  

The Grill Room   

Twelve Flavors (Tsim Sha Tsui) 

Sodam Chicken  


For all the nominated restaurants list and Awards 2022 site. please click here
For details of the code "BOOK100", please click here

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