Seaside Restaurant! Brilliant Dry Aged Beef
Beneath the skies, yet up with the stars with an unbeatable sky view from “The Upper Deck” facing to the whole sea. You can relax and enjoy this seaside experience, the waft of salty sea air, a mesmerising sunset. The stunning decor and signature service also will enchant you.

“The Upper Deck” creates a whole new dining experience that focuses on customer care and lovingly-prepared meals in the newest seaside place “T-Bay”, Tung Chung. 

It is directly facing the international airport. You will find the sky in pastel shades, also see across the runway and watch the planes here. Let’s enjoy an indelible evening in “The Upper Deck”.

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Our mouth-watering spices originate from the heart of their grill steak known as steakhouse. You can expect to find an array of the finest grill favourites and exclusively sourced beef including American (US) Prime T Bone Steak 21~30 days dry aged, and Westholme Australian Wagyu Tenderloin wet aged. One bite of each food is savoury and tasteful with the sunset. 

【Dry Aged Beef 21~31days】
Porterhouse 1kg 
While it has been kept chilled for around a month before being cut into steak, it has been unwrapped and exposed to the air, maturing in much the same way as a fine cheese might. The muscle fibres will contract and break down. You will have the strong taste of gamey as an incomparable richness of flavour.

US Prime Rib On The Bone
Rib section is used to succulent, marbled and matured. We love it’s tender, juicy and full of flavour.

BBQ Devil Baby Chicken
This smoked chicken tastes amazing! The baby chicken is smoked with baby potatoes, rosemary.

The Upper Deck
Add.: Shop 101, 1/F, T Bay, 9 Yi Tung Road, Tung Chung
Tel.: 27578889
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