Takeaway Category - The Results of OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2022

The result of OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2022 has finally come out. Pandemic deals heavy blow to our food and beverages industry and causes restaurants harder to survive. Thanks for all your continuous support which motivates the restaurants to go further. Your vote helps lighting up the CITY OF FOOD.

Under the epidemic, more and more restaurants provide takeaway service, by using mobile apps to order, users can shorten the waiting time, and take it back to their own house or office to enjoy more safely. Best Takeaway Restaurant is the new award this year, during the promotion period, order takeaway at the winning and shortlisted restaurants, enter the promo code [AWARD] when placing an order, and get $15 off when you spend $100!

Here comes the result of the BEST 10 Takeaway Restaurants:

BEANS The Backyard (PopCorn) 

Yuan Is Here (Hung To Road) 

Outback Steakhouse (Park Central) 

Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House (apm Millennium City 5) 

Satay King (The Goldmark) 

Bai Fung Bento (Cityplaza) 

Ging Sun Ho King of Bun (TKO Plaza) 

Lao Zhang Gui Dongbei Restaurant (Square Mile) 

Wow Charsiu (Hillier Street) 

Taiwanese Mazu Lifestyle Noodles (Wo On Lane) 


For all the nominated restaurants list and Awards 2022 site: (Click here)
For details of the code "AWARD":(Click here)

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